The Top 5 Benefits of Long-Term Supply - 24th July 2015

Mark Birnie, director at M2 Education supply agency, spoke at The LASBM conference in June regarding the benefits of long-term supply. We asked him to summarise the top five.  

WHEN THINKING ABOUT RECRUITING, consider the benefits of opting for long-term supply as an alternative to the traditional methods.

1. FINANCIAL BENEFITS – Cost savings from not having to advertise, shortlist, arrange school visits and panel interviews prior to appointment. There are also cost savings once in post due to not having to pay employer’s NI, Teachers’ Pensions, a replacement if the teacher is off sick and through the holiday periods.

2. FLEXIBILITY – Allowing schools to ‘test the water’ and ensure the teacher is right for the school before committing to a contract. It can be a very difficult process to support and manage a member of staff who is struggling if they are contracted.

3. QUICK AND EFFICIENT – No waiting time for applications as shortlists and interviews can be arranged within a 48 hour period.

4. SUITABILITY OF APPLICANTS – Applicants are filtered to ensure that the shortlist only contains teachers that have the suitable skills and attributes.

5. WHOLE PROCESS CARRIED OUT BY EXPERIENCED RECRUITMENT PROFESSIONALS – With experience of interviewing an average of over 10 candidates per week, Recruitment Consultants are highly skilled interviewers who quickly pick up and sense what the candidate is about and which of their schools they would be suitable for.

In the future please look at this as a viable option as it has proved an extremely successful method of recruitment for many schools in the North West.