Summer Update - 26th June 2017 - Sue Edwards

When is a blog not a blog?  When the blogger has gone AWOL!  As we all know, one of the first rules of blogging is to write regular pieces to keep the blog fresh and interesting.  Sadly, despite having given up full-time employment, I find that I still don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.  This could be something to do with being self-employed and working from home.  When I tell people that this is what I do (work from home), I am usually met with comments such as, ‘Oh, I wouldn’t get on with work – I’d be stopping for a break all the time’.  I also struggle to stick to the hours I plan to work, but it’s usually that I carry on for longer than intended, so my husband doesn’t get to see much more of me than when I was working full-time.  However, much as I loved my previous job, I get greater satisfaction from doing ‘all things LASBM’.


Since leaving my school job, I have moved to a different area, and subsequently lived in what felt like a building site for a few months while we had major works carried out at our new home.  We were also without broadband for a full two months after moving, which was particularly frustrating when trying to work!


Apart from the disruption of relocating, being semi-retired, suddenly I find that there are lots of other demands on my time, such as granny duties and extra dog walking.  (I used to live too far away for the former, and spend too many hours at work for the latter!  I am also ‘grandma’ to my son’s two dogs, who expect to be included in my own dog’s walks now we live close by.)


Moving on from my domestics, LASBM has had quite a year (well, almost a year) since I retired.  We got our new website up and running in January, got a LASBM app created in March by ParentApps, put on three Site Managers’ Network Group meetings, held five school business management conferences, and jointly hosted three Education Breakfast Forums with Forbes Solicitors.  We finally got the LASBM banners we had planned for years to get, after eventually coming up with a strapline for our group: ‘School business is our business’, and we produced a LASBM flyer, which we have mailed out to non-member schools in our area.


Our list of company contacts continues to grow, and we’ve seen lots of new suppliers at our 2016-17 events, besides many of our old favourites.  We’ve got several new companies sponsoring our online community, and over the year have awarded LASBM Approved Partner status to an additional ten companies.  (All our Approved Partner companies appear on every page of our website.)


Having always thought making a LASBM video was a great plan, but not having pursued the idea, we were delighted to be approached by Copper Crayon, a film-making company from Norwich.  We subsequently engaged them to produce a video for us at our May conference, and are now using it to promote membership and sponsorship opportunities.


Overall, it’s been a fairly full year to date!  We are now working on the programme and looking forward to our combined East and West conference, which will be held on 18 October at Bolton Whites Hotel.  We hope to see lots of our members and sponsors at the event.