SBM T-Shirts

T-shirts with the two most popular SBM logos are now available to buy from our Approved Partner – Key Engineering & Hygiene Supplies.   The T-shirts are £17 inc VAT with no delivery charge if you select “collect at event” option.    The shirts will then be available to collect from the Key Engineering stand at Bolton Whites on 18 October.   Select “with LASBM” if you wish to have the LASBM logo printed on the back of the T-shirt.  With or without the LASBM logo, there is no difference in the price to members, as the additional printing cost will be paid by LASBM.

Please note: if you select “collect at event” you will still see the delivery option at checkout, although delivery to you will not be available.

To order, click on the link below and select 'LASBM' on the black bar. 


If there is sufficient interest, there will be a hoodie range with slogans on the reverse coming shortly, at a cost of £25 each.

T-Shirt Orders