October Conference 2014 - 23rd October 2014

What a hectic but exciting few days I’ve just had! Friday was the date of our LASBM conference, and what a successful day that turned out to be. We were privileged to have some great speakers, beginning with Vic Goddard of Educating Essex fame, whose inspiring and moving presentation had everyone laughing and crying. Simon Parkes from the Educating Funding Agency made his talk on education finance interesting, thought-provoking and, yes, even humorous in places. NASBM Executive Director Stephen Morales’s presentation on managing budgets in times of austerity, whilst not engendering much optimism for budgets in the next few years, encouraged schools to collaborate. Our two presenters from Mindflick, Dr Mark Bawden and Pete Lindsay, gave an insightful and stimulating lesson on ‘The Perils of Pig Wrestling’ – or how to solve the real problems! We had over a hundred delegates and a diverse selection of goods and services providers relevant to education. We look forward to receiving evaluations from delegates and sponsors, but feedback on the day was extremely positive.

Immediately after the conference I was on my way to Birmingham for the NASBM trustees’ meetings on Saturday, followed by the NASBM National Support Staff Awards, held at the Birmingham Burlington Hotel in the evening. It was great to see so many colleagues, catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances, and the evening was a great success. We had extra cause for celebration when, once again, a LASBM member school was successful in its nominations. Sheryl Cardwell from Waterloo Primary Academy, Blackpool was there to witness two of her staff winning awards. Watch out for details soon on our News and Celebrations page. Don’t forget to reserve our future conference dates in your diaries: 25 February and 10 June 2015. Enjoy the half term break.